Your Future in digital medicine

May 11, 2019 | 2 to 4 PM
Gerstein Science Building, University of Toronto
9 King’s College Circle, Toronto

Your Future in Digital Medicine

PuMP presents our second event: Your Future In Digital Medicine, a workshop that will introduce you to a virtual research program at the University of Toronto. As we move into the age of technology, computers and computer programming are increasingly important to the workplace, especially the medical field. At this event, explore the software COBWEB and come check out research models from high school and university students. You will even get to create something yourself! Join us on May 11 to learn about how virtual labs change our knowledge about diseases in this workshop co-hosted by PuMP and Dr. Brad Bass from the University of Toronto!

Who's Speaking?

Dr. Brad Bass

Dr. Brad Bass received is PhD in Geography from Penn State University, in 1989. He has been working with green walls in since 1996, and in 1998, he co-authored Greenbacks from Green Roofs, the first green roof publication intended for Canadian audiences, and has written a manual on constructing an integrated green wall-biofilter system to treat wastewater. In 1999, Dr. Bass led the development of COBWEB (Complexity and Organized Behaviour Within Environmental Bounds), an agent-based simulation model that is now being used by students around the world to develop original research ideas. Dr. Bass was a member of an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Task Team when the organization was a co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, which was shared with Al Gore. In 2012, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities awarded Dr. Bass the Lifetime Achievement Award for Green Infrastructure Research. In 2015, Dr. Bass led the first team to estimate a cost of the damage caused by harmful and nuisance algal blooms on Lake Erie. Most recently, Dr. Bass has recently been named as an Associate Executive Director of the Foundation for Student Science and Technology.

Anabela Cotovio

Anabela Cotovio is a first year health science student at McMaster University. Her research endeavours for the past years were heavily inspired by her awareness of the need in advancing health care treatments for aging seniors in society. Her COBWEB research on Alzheimer’s disease earned her a national silver medal at the Canada Wide Science Fair and one of five top GTA competitors in the Sanofi Biogenius Canada Competition. When she’s not scurrying to the lab after school, you can probably find her playing one of the many sports she enjoys. Her message for other students is to take advantage of every opportunity given as it can lead to a limitless path of self-growth and discovery.

Daniel Mau

Daniel is a third-year student majoring in biology at the University of Toronto. Throughout his undergraduate career, he attempts to discover whether it is possible to create a better, more compassionate society by using science and technology as the basis. He has participated in research that focuses on these ideas and has organized events that combine social justice with medicine.



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